Cabernet Franc Miller Vineyard 2018

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Miller Vineyard with granite-based sandy soil. The combination of topography and soil makes each tree grow uniquely, creating thick bark to withstand the delta winds. It's a difficult field to grow, but it makes beautiful wine. Aged for 20 months in neutral oak barrels.
A perfect blend of traditional Old World flavors and vibrant California fruit. Fresh aromas of black cherry, tamarind and serrano pepper are joined by earthy mineral notes like summer rain-drenched concrete. Long aging in neutral oak adds a strong structure to the fruit character. The palate opens with raspberry and ripe strawberry flavors, followed by firm, silky and delicate tannins. The 2018 vintage leaves a warm array of spicy fruit flavors to come to a smooth finish.

¥7,700 (¥8,470 tax-included)

Langetwins Single Vineyard Wines are brands created to reflect the uniqueness and unique expression of each vineyard.
Respect for the land in which the vineyards grow and the connection with nature give the wine its foundation and character.
Unique soils and climates, combined with responsible farming practices, make each vintage unique on our generational farm in Lodi, California.
highlights the signs. We pay respect to the land where we were born and raised, and put it into each bottle of wine to pass it on to the next generation.

More Information
Type of Wine Red
Bottle Size 750 ml
Alcohol 14.5%
Wine Variety Cabernet Franc 100%
Vintage 2018
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