Cabernet Sauvignon Thirty Eight Vineyard 2019

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Thirty eight vineyards on loam soil mixed with granite. Located less than a mile from the winery, it is one of the winery's oldest vineyards, planted by the 4th generation twins in the late 70's. It has a low yield and a concentrated fruit flavor. Aged for 21 months in French oak barrels.
The 2019 growing season was perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon from this vineyard. Nearly 50 years old, the fruit is tightly condensed, and the long growing season has allowed it to develop a rich aroma while maintaining a balance between sugar and acidity. In the glass, a complex bouquet of black cherries, sweet tobacco, cocoa powder and black currants emerges, blossoming as the wine opens. In the mouth, rich, spiced dark fruit flavors are encased in fine-grained tannins leading to a long, smooth finish.

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Langetwins Single Vineyard Wines are brands created to reflect the uniqueness and unique expression of each vineyard.
Respect for the land in which the vineyards grow and the connection with nature give the wine its foundation and character.
Unique soils and climates, combined with responsible farming practices, make each vintage unique on our generational farm in Lodi, California.
highlights the signs. We pay respect to the land where we were born and raised, and put it into each bottle of wine to pass it on to the next generation.

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Type of Wine Red
Bottle Size 750 ml
Alcohol 14.5%
Wine Variety Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Vintage 2019
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