Aglianico Rosé River Ranch Vineyard 2021

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River Ranch Vineyard with fine sandy soil. This pristine land is home to quail, otters, deer, kingfishers and beavers, and has six vineyards of five varieties spread over 108 acres along the Mokulam River. The waterways that pass through the vineyards create small differences in weather, so we are able to create unique wines that reflect the characteristics of each vineyard. Aged in stainless steel tanks.
A classic Italian varietal with a French Provence twist. The aroma bursts with tropical notes of passion fruit and unripe strawberries, and when you take a sip, these flavors quickly spread in your mouth, providing a crisp acidity and savory mouthfeel. The delicate and dry finish will make you want to repeat it many times.

¥5,400 (¥5,940 tax-included)

Langetwins Single Vineyard Wines are brands created to reflect the uniqueness and unique expression of each vineyard.
Respect for the land in which the vineyards grow and the connection with nature give the wine its foundation and character.
Unique soils and climates, combined with responsible farming practices, make each vintage unique on our generational farm in Lodi, California.
highlights the signs. We pay respect to the land where we were born and raised, and put it into each bottle of wine to pass it on to the next generation.

More Information
Type of Wine Rose
Bottle Size 750 ml
Alcohol 14.0%
Wine Variety Aglianico 100%
Vintage 2021
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