Wilberforce Eden Valley Riesling 2022

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CO LOU R Pale straw with green hues. NOS E Intense floral aromas coupled with hints of citrus. P A LA T E Great depth and fruit driven upfront, with notes of lime and clementine coming to the fore. The wine displays length, showing regional minerality and finishing with crisp Eden Valley acidity. F OOD P A I R I NG Delicious with an Asian-inspired, fresh seafood salad. V I N T AG E NOT E S In the 2020 Vintage we experienced a very dry winter and spring and hot, dry conditions in January and February. Our vineyards are located at the southern end of the valley, which meant they were protected from much of the searing summer heat. The grapes were picked overnight in early March at perfect ripeness. Lower yields produced intensity and chalkiness in the fruit.
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The Auld family history has many layers and William Patrick (WP) Auld made sure very early on it wouldn’t be confined to South Australia, climbing aboard his trusty stead Wilberforce for many an adventure. The pair were part of the expedition led by John McDouall Stuart that successfully crossed Australia from south to north for the first time, with WP lending his expertise as a surveyor. WP forged a special bond with Wilberforce, a muscular 17-hand dark brown stallion who allowed only WP to ride him. WP worked in the Auldana vineyard and was a founding member of the Adelaide Hunt Club in the Adelaide Hills, often riding with well-known poet and jockey Adam Lindsay Gordon. A descendant of the English horses brought to Australia by the first settlers, Wilberforce would run all day without tiring despite Australia’s unforgiving climate and was WP’s loyal companion for 37 years. Similar to WP’s tireless nag, the Wilberforce range is the workhorse of Auld Family Wines and won’t let you down. Sturdy, dependable and always on hand, these wines constantly deliver, just like Wilberforce when transporting WP thousands of kilometers through the Australian interior.
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Type of Wine White
Bottle Size 750 ml
Appellation Eden Valley
Alcohol 11%
Wine Variety Riesling
Vintage 2022
Plug Screw cork
Body Medium body
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