Bread & Butter Prosecco

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A shimmering yet delicately perfumed Prosecco with purity of
floral and ripe fruit notes. Aromas of florals and citrus are followed
by lively yet soft notes of ripe apple, pear and white peach.
Balanced with refreshing acidity. The creamy mouthfeel and layers
of soft bubbles persist through to the long, elegant finish.

Flavorful breads, mild cheeses and laughs with friends and families.

Mild cheeses , cured meats, refreshing fruits.


VARIETAL Glera with Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio

Made in a small town, Fossalta di Piave, near Venice at a
90-year-old family-owned winery using best practices for
producing good, honest and delicious Prosecco.


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Bread & Butter is a reference to the craft of winemaking. Bread = Oak. Butter = Malolactic Fermentation. The type of oak, origin, producer, level of toast, time on oak, and racking all play a vital role in developing bread-like flavors and texture of the wine. Butter characters come from malolactic fermentation. The conversion of malic acid to lactic acid produces rich, buttery flavors and changes the texture of the wine to be more creamy and soft. These factors work together to best compliment the complexity of fruit and expression of terroir produced in the vineyard.
More Information
Type of Wine Champagne/Sparkling
Bottle Size 750 ml
Appellation DOC Prosecco, Italy
Alcohol 11%
Wine Variety Glera with Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
Vintage NV
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