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Medium-bodied, pale orange-pink color with candied cherry and strawberry flavors. The bubbles are lively. Refreshing notes combine with exquisite spice for a flavorful finish.

Gold Winner - International Canned Wine Competition


¥680 (¥748 tax-included)

Firehouse Can Company was founded in 2015 by Graham and Fisk as "Simple", "High Quality" and "Daily Use" <"California Canned Wine".
Currently, we have two brands, 375ml size "MANCAN" and 250ml size "WINE-IN-A-CAN".
"I want to drink a little wine. I want something as easy as beer."-Graham
With that in mind, he headed to California with Fisk and partnered with a talented winemaker to create four blends.
Aluminum cans are easy to carry and are truly sustainable materials, with 75% of all aluminum produced to date still in use.
A special lining is protected on the inside of the aluminum, the wine never touches the aluminum, is not affected by the taste, and the quality is maintained.
Winner of the "Best Buy" award for wine lovers, "WINE-IN-A-CAN" blends into everyday life in many places, including Whole Foods Market and baseball stadiums.

More Information
Type of Wine Rose
Wineries WINE-IN-A-CAN
Bottle Size 250ml
Appellation California
Alcohol 12.5%
Body Light body
Vinification Grapes are sourced from parcels in the Central Valley.
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